Coffee shop / Pastry shop interior

A delicious piece of paradise, away from the dynamic everyday life. In the typical style of the French queen Marie Antoinette, with deep high-backed armchairs, low round tables and chairs whose ancestors you can see in Versailles and the Louvre. The comfort of the solid hardwood furniture is comparable only to the lightness of the cream on the top of the cakes. There is a unique element with built-in pinewood cabinets whose edges are in the shape of the heavy painting frames of 18-19 c. Let them eat cake, if there is no bread, was what Marie Antoinette said. What we say is: Look for Foresta, if you want to find real style.



Premises / square metres

280 m2


Hardwood: oak, MDF veneer: oak, upholstery, wrought iron, etc.