Интериор на ресторант Bar & Dinner “DALI”

A project complete with accents conveying the incredible atmosphere of the saloons of the mid-20th century. Salvador Dali is all over the place – in the paintings, in the modernistic chandeliers and the long-legged tables and chairs. Even his face is peeking through the window drawn out by a world in which he would be able to express himself freely and to be in his element. The visual effects and illusions are typical of his style and the patterns of most of the furniture, together with the floral shapes on the bar and the staircase banister bring cosiness, with a little nod to the inspiring Belle Époque.



Premises / square metres

245 m2


Hardwood: oak, MDF veneer: oak, upholstery, wrought iron, nickel chrome steel sheet, stands – mannequins, etc.