Family house interior

Have you seen Midnight in Paris? If you haven’t, the interior of this family house, just like the plot of that movie, will take you to a time in history when everything was more stylish, more beautiful, and way more charming. From the carvings and the shapes of the chairs and the beds, through the solid and high quality material of the wooden furniture, to the last detail – the petite handles of the drawers, and the curves of the lamps. Every last feature of this interior oozes classic glamour. You will not find ostentation, only a fine and sophisticated combination of modernity and history. A neoclassical European home emanating a sense of cosiness in warm brown hues and ivory, which will bring you immense pleasure by making you feel like you can travel through time whenever you feel like it.



Premises / square metres

157 m2


Hardwood: oak, MDF veneer: oak, glass, upholstery, etc.