Office interior

Functionality: this is the only word that can truly describe the interior solutions designed for this office. The boss’s bureau is long enough to accommodate the whole team but has a special shape so that no one forgets who is at the top of the hierarchy. The same style – two in one – was applied to the oak cabinets, complete with a library and office storage space. The different sections are separated by a special (hardwood) border conveying a sense of stability and style, both of which are qualities important for any business. There is only a hint of luxury because, after all, this is a place of business. This, nevertheless, is a very dense working space, so that you can get anything you need – a space for business meetings, for briefings, and enough space for you to carry on with your managerial work.



Premises / square metres

22 m2

22 m2 Materials

Hardwood: oak, MDF veneer: oak, etc.