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Foresta Mebel has been close to you since 1990, so that you can easily get what’s best in interior design – from the ideation process to the completion of the project. Our high quality furniture has the perfect appearance and properties, but the actual reason behind its first-class characteristics is our team of professionals who are able to make real art out of the simple raw materials.

The founder of Foresta Mebel, Rumen Rusev, is a disciple of one of the most prestigious schools in the country – the School of Tryavna – a benchmark for quality in the field of wood carving. He has turned his profession into an artistic calling, and together with his excellent team of professionals he creates interiors that are a true aesthetic delight. The products we offer are Bulgarian from start to finish – a privilege which our customers hold in high esteem.

We provide furnishing for all kinds of spaces – private residences, commercial premises, hotels, offices, food and drink establishments. To guarantee the comprehensive characteristics of our products, we select our materials carefully, as well as the casings, and we try to make suggestions for the home appliances and light fixtures.

We offer holistic solutions in the sphere of conventional and 3D design by providing all services involved in the manufacturing and logistics of the operations thanks to our excellently equipped machine park and automotive fleet.

You can find us at 30 Industrial Street, Gabrovo – come, have a look, and place your order!

Production base

Production base
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To us, the manufacturing of furniture is a joint process. To turn your premises into a space which carries the distinguishing marks of your personal style, we combine carefully the traditional vibes of the natural wood with modern materials and technology. The resulting pieces of furniture are unique: they carry something classical, and something new, and something which is completely your own!

Our goal with each new project is to put in our best efforts. That is why we work on large-scale luxury projects and low-budget projects with the same enthusiasm, and in both cases we never compromise with our main principle – to create comfort and beauty, and to conquer each new challenge.



Our teamwork is the key to our excellent final results. We communicate with each other on each stage of the project: from the conception of the design to its full completion. Our team of professional engineers and designers is the creative and constructive force of Foresta Mebel. Those are the people who not only make your ideas come alive, but also select the best materials to make it happen.

The task that we set for ourselves is to create solid, functional, and aesthetically pleasing furniture. To do that, we rely on our excellent ideas, on the perfect materials, and on an immaculately coordinated work process.

The material processing professionals put an excellent finish to the products with a promise of durability and style – what each piece of furniture dreams for.

How we work?

The full adventure on the way to the realization of your interior project starts with your meeting with our team of designers, where you share with us your expectations and requirements. We use that to prepare an ideation project for your product and interior. Together with you we discuss the materials, the specificities of the space, and any special purposes of the furnishings.

The entire process involved in the design is communicated to the customer on an ongoing basis. Your wishes are our guiding principles for the final look of the products, and our job is to adapt your expectations to reality, and to turn your dreams into actually functioning furniture in a real space, with its real characteristics.

The project ends only after all of us are content with the results and we can congratulate each other on the good work.

About us


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